Ilkuth Armor, iteration 7.↋2.4

Intergalactic Sovereignty of Rwenmar

All works below completed by the immensely talented Tiziana Federica Ruiu

  • Armed Forces grade (military).
  • Anti-gravity capable.
  • Custom manufactured to fit each soldier.
  • Underlying hexagonal mesh fabric enhances the wearer's strength and provides base protection.
  • Lower shoulder guards also function as interchangeable ammunition magazines connected to the suit's built-in arm cannons.
Ilkuth armor initial sketches
Ilkuth armor female concept
Ilkuth armor male concept
Ilkuth armor female material exploration
Ilkuth armor male material exploration
Ilkuth armor arm cannon concept
Ilkuth armor male complete
Ilkuth armor female complete
Ilkuth armor male complete front
Ilkuth armor female complete front